The Sceptical “Amateur Scholar of Numismatics”. 3 + English Version (ADDENDA)

Tre capolavori dalla stessa asta/three masterpieces from the same auction…

12,74 g. Estimate 300 euro. Unsold. Not in Pella: Peso medio degli altri 16 tetradrammi della stessa zecca (Cuma Eolica) e dello stesso periodo (188-170 a.C.)/ Average weight of the 16 tetradrachms of the same mint (Cyme) in the same period (188-170 b.C.): 16,086 g (min. 14,28 g, max. 16,98 g).

16,086-12,74= 3,346

12,31 g. Estimate 300 euro. Unsold. 4 esemplari/ specimens in Pella: Peso medio dei 4 Price 1679/ average weight of the 4 Price 1679: 16,06 g (min. 15,21 g, max. 16,67 g).

16,06-12,31= 3,75


Imm. 3: “SNG Copenhagen 1269”.

12,26 g. Estimate 190 euro. SOLD at 500 euro!!! Peso di/ Weight of SNG Copenhagen 1269= 15,37 g. “… his last tetradrachms weighed between 15.30 g and 15,60 g…”1.

15,37-12,26= 3,11

Il solo commento possibile/ the only possible remark:


Nuova asta, stessa storia… New auction, same story… NO WT. GIVEN

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Mørkolm 1991= O. Mørkolm, Early Hellenistic Coinage. From the accession of Alexander the Great to the peace of Apamea (336-188 B.C.), Frome and London, 1991.
M.J. Price, The Coinage in the Name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus, 2 voll., London, 1991.
SNG, The royals collections of coins and medals. Danish National Museum. Thrace and Macedonia, 2, Copenhagen, 1982.


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